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Two River Foundation was formed in 2010 in Red Bank, NJ, and takes its name from the Two Rivers Region, which includes several cities in central Monmouth County and extends along the Navesink River and the Jersey Shore. At Two River, we are a family-run private foundation in the USA that aims to uphold humanitarianism and conserve classical and contemporary art.

We strive to aid humanitarian volunteers in global hotspots and organize fundraisers to support their needs in times of crisis.

To preserve family values and heritage, we develop the PHOREVER Family Cloud.

In promoting cultural heritage, we support artists and talented youth in enhancing their skills and knowledge of art. The Two River Art Centre conducts exhibitions, workshops, consultations, and lectures in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. We also organize public charitable events and master classes for gifted youth.



Support Volunteers Globally

Two River Foundation is raising money to support global volunteer undertakings in medicine, culture, and education, as well as in helping children, families, and animals in the planet's hot spots.
Аny donation will help make an impact.

Thanks in advance for contributing to this cause which means so much to us.


Help create a PHOREVER Family Cloud

• Do we have any concrete information about the lives of our ancestors from several generations ago?
Unfortunately, we don't have many specific details, but our parents have a lot of old family photos that provide valuable insight. These photos can share a lot about our family history.

• In what ways can future generations learn about the important events and experiences of our lives?
Well, we tend to accumulate many photos and videos featuring us and our loved ones. Imagine instantly creating a family tree using the most significant images, accompanied by short but fascinating stories.
This would undoubtedly make for a compelling family history that our future generations would cherish. For instance, a teenager could feel a sense of belonging and pride in knowing their blood ancestors, who were once young and accomplished great things in life.

• And, what activities do you think older individuals would enjoy during their free time?
Indeed, they would be delighted to establish and uphold a family photo collection.

As you can tell from the name, PHOREVER stands for family photos preserved forever. Its goal is to capture and showcase our timeless personalities for future generations to appreciate to the best of its ability.

To make this possible, we develop a PHOREVER Family Cloud.


Art Programs

art education:
The Two River Foundation educational program named "Art School" provides educational facilities as well as an art presentation showroom.
The program supports and assists the people of art and talented youth on their way to improving their skills and knowledge of art.

art presentation:
In February 2010 the Two River Foundation in collaboration with the Butterfly Fine Arts gallery launched the "Art Butterfly" program aimed to promote the values of international classical and contemporary art and preserve its cultural heritage.
"Art Butterfly" serves as an art presentation showroom as well as an educational facility.

art production:
In February 2010 the Two River Foundation in collaboration with Art & Hammer Inc. launched the "Life Is Art" program aimed to sign international artists seeking to conduct hands-on involvement in a variety of art-related projects in the field of construction, landscaping, publishing, theatre, etc, in the US and abroad.


Anatoly Tkach


Two River Foundation

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